Thermo Global Services is one of the Indian leading auxiliary Company. We at Thermo Global Services responds to its customer needs with the innovation set of art infrastructure, skilled people and range of equipments.

With an experience span of 4 years Thermo Global Services has successfully proved its capability in terms Of expertise, knowledge and manufacturing facility. Thermo Global Services begins its operation in 2007 September at Nelamangala, Bangalore-562123, India.

Thermo Global Services enables specific final assembly and testing which will be unique to each of our products. We test and manufacture our products unit wise with unique configuration; we conduct the testing with advanced facilities.

Thermo Global Services IS A COMPANY WITH:

  • Professional and techonological interaction.
  • Globle buiseness attitude and globle solutions.
  • Product design and prototype development.
  • Excellent engineering and creativity.
  • High volume production capabilitiy.
  • Excellent logistics.
  • Financially stable.